Meet The Fairies

Ice Fairy Plant Fairy
This the fairy of ice. It has the ability to make beautiful sculptures with a snap of a finger. It is said that this fairy caused the first ever ice age and still has the power to cast another.
This fairy has the ability to control all plants. It is usually found deep in the shrub of the woods, and known to be the nicest and most caring fairy to plants, and tries to avoid humans.
Evil Blood Fairy Flower Fairy
This fairy is pure evil. It gained it's powers after being bit by a vampire, and now seeks blood. Blood is her only food, and without it, she will perish, so she is totally ruthless at battling, using every object at her disposal, and playing very unfair.
This fairy is a relative of the plant fairy. The Flower Fairy loves to show off her beauty, and is never caught in a bad mood. She is a ball of joy and is a pleasure to be around.

Evil Fairy of Darkness
Evil Fire Fairy
This fairy is the meanest and most ruthless fairy out there. She gives absolutely no mercy, and usually lives in caves. She thrives in darkness, and is never seen in the day time, as light is her only weakness.
This is another evil fairy. She is said to be the daughter of the devil himself, and has a quick flaring temper. She has no fear whatsoever, and those who stand in her way perish.

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